Jessica Allossery in Brazil

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Jessica Allossery and Monoclub in Sao Paulo Brazil

Quick backstory: I first stumbled across Jessica Allossery's music through a Youtube rabbit hole. I don’t even remember what I was searching for but I found her cover of “The Scientist” (one of my favorite songs) which then led me to her cover of “What does a Fox say?” (remember when that was a THING!?). After that I was a fan. She and I exchanged a few messages via Twitter and it was during these exchanges I learned she was planning a Brazilian tour which coincided with my time in Brazil.


“Hi, I’m Josh…from Josh Williams Photography.”

“Hi, yeah, I know who you are.”

I am leaning against the bar inside Sensorial Disco next to Jessica Allossery. She just capped off a set with Monoclub and stands next to me ordering a drink in Portuguese.

She takes her beer and turns toward me. Before she can even speak though, an extended hand juts between us. It accompanies a voice to my right.

“Oi, tudo bem!?”

It is a smiling Brazilian woman. Jaw length brown hair. Bright brown eyes.

“Oi, tudo, e voce?” I happily reply.

“Where are you from!?” she eagerly asks.

Before I can answer, Jess jumps in, “Josh, this is my friend Cynthia. I stayed with her and her family when I was an exchange student back in High School.”

“Oh hello! Ah, that’s fantastic. That’s why I am here in Brazil too – living with my Brazilian brother who was our exchange student when I was younger. Oh, and I’m from Seattle.”

“Ah, how wonderful!” Cynthia responds in her Brazilian accented English. “Very nice to meet you! Welcome to Brazil!”

Earlier that night


I take my seat on the soft-topped stools at the bar, sipping a cold beer. Drops of chilled water sweat down the bottle. I look down the long narrow space that is Sensorial Disco, watching as people trickle in off the streets. The atmosphere is thick the Brazilian night. Sensorial Disco a record store by day, bar by night is the perfect backdrop for this evening’s activities.

Jess and the guys from Monoclub arrive around 8, carrying their instruments through the small crowd, chatting with folks and filling the room with that pre-concert buzz. By now, the room is close to full, maybe 20-30 people. Jess clearly has a small but loyal following here in Sao Paulo as many people come up to her to say hello and tell her they are so excited to finally meet her. It is cool to watch. The power of music crosses all cultures.

I finish the last of my beer and get up to move around the room. I find a good position along one of the long walls as Jess begins her first song. Having followed her on Twitter I knew she spoke a little Portuguese but was not aware how comfortable she was with it. She seamlessly flows between both English and Portuguese (with a hint of her Canadian accent) all night. The crowd loves her. Many times throughout her set they sing along.

“Oh won’t you stayyyyy with me, cause your alllll I need”

Monoclub? More like awesome-club.

Jess finishes her set to an uproar of applause. The crowd playfully chants for more, "Jessica Allossery, Jessica Allossery, Jessica Allossery!" bringing a sheepish smile to her face. She promises to join Monoclub after their set, which temporarily appeases the crowd.


It is now Monoclub’s turn and they waste no time in carrying on the good vibes of the night. They jump right in with their folksy, jazzy sound and perfectly capture the vibe of the room. I can tell they love playing as they are all having so much fun up there. They seem like really cool guys. Jess jumps in for a few songs near the end and before we were all ready, the show is over. The buzz of good music, alcohol and the warm Brazilian night fills the space once occupied by the music. Everyone is having a fantastic night. I head back over to the bar to grab another drink when Jess saddles up next to me.

“Hi, I’m Josh…from Josh Williams Photography.”

“Hi, yeah, I know who you are.”

And after the show it’s the after party

Cynthia and I spend the next 30 minutes or so chatting about life in America, Brazil and how lovely exchange programs are. Jess is off tending to her many fans many waiting all night to talk to her. The Monoclub guys are off doing their own thing – chatting people up, packing up equipment, drinking. Soon the din of the crowd begins to quiet and I emerge from my conversation with Cynthia to realize the musicians and their friends are the only ones left in the bar. The Sensorial Disco guys are closing things up and we are all forced to exit.

Jess turns to me, “Are you going to come with us? I don’t know where we are going but I think we are going to find some food and drinks.”

“Oh absolutely. I’m totally in.”


Only in Brazil

It is just after 2am and our “small” group of 10-12 people finds a bar that reminds me of a cafeteria. And it is PACKED. People of all ages, wall to wall and bustling. Jess and I share our amazement over how only in Brazil will you find a scene like this at 2am. We all sit around a big table and I start talking with Lucas, the drummer from Monoclub. Turns out they were just in Seattle last year and his girlfriend lives about 5 blocks from my house in Sao Paulo. Small world. We all become fast friends. (I went to see Monoclub play a couple more times in the next few months during my time in Brazil. Went to a birthday party with them. Took pictures for them. AND they came to the Folklife Festival in Seattle the following year and I went to hangout with them there as well. This is what I love most about traveling)

As the 4am hour approaches we all decide it is time for bed. Jess, Cynthia and I all say our goodbyes, promising at some point in the future we will meet again. I pile into the car with Lucas and his girlfriend and they drop me off at home. We too promise to hangout in the future and I make my way up the stairs, into my room and flop down on my bed. Another fantastic night in Brazil.


To learn more about Jess visit her website: The lovely Indie

You can find everything Monoclub here: Monoclub


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