How I ended up traveling to Brazil

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How I ended up traveling to Brazil

I sit at my desk scheming, the cast iron lamp in the corner enveloping me in warm light. I scribble in my notebook.

 Goals for the year:
      1. Move to a foreign city
      2. Focus on improving my photography
      3. Involve myself with a foreign language

I ponder my first step. My strong inner voice tells me I must act. Move to Berlin? I know a little German and Berlin's large artist community is perfect for fostering my photography and expanding my artistic expression. I turn to my laptop and open my email, the bright screen staring at me. Waiting. Do I know anyone in Berlin? Or, anyone who might have contacts in Berlin? Suddenly, my "Brazilian Brother*" Norton pops into my head. He has business contacts there right? Maybe he can put me in touch with someone. I write him a short message.




Give the universe permission to act and it will

It is two days later. I walk toward the finish line spread across Glen Street in downtown Glens Falls, New York. It is a glorious June day. The sun shining. The palpable buzz of the "Urban Assault" dotting the air. I take my place among the crowd, waiting for my friend Jackie to finish the race. My pocket buzzes. It is Norton.


Norton chat


Yes. A thousand times yes. This is exactly what I want to do. There is no hesitation in my mind.  

Jackie crosses the finish line and spots me in the crowd. I stand with a goofy grin on my face, not saying a word. I show her the phone. A huge smile creeps over her face. I feel tears welling as we make eye contact because I know. I know this is the time. Nothing will stand in my way. Jenny laughs as we share the biggest high five you can possibly imagine.

"Uh, I think this means we need beer," she says.

"Damn right we need beer," I laugh. "All the beer. It's time to start planning."




*When I was 12 Norton was an exchange student who lived with my family for 6 months. During that time we all became really close. Our families still stay in touch. He lives in São Paulo, Brazil. He is the god damn man.

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