November 14

Left my job

November 20

Train trip from New York to Seattle


January 7

Moved to São Paulo, Brasil

January 21

First ever fashion photoshoot

February 7

Photographed fashion show

February 10

Carnaval fashion shoot

February 12

Traveled to Rio as event photographer for Carnaval

February 14

Photographer at Melindrosas Magic Ball

March 3

Schutz Fall line release party

March 10

Photographer at Joss Stone pocket rooftop concert

March 16

Photographer at new clothing line release party

March 25

Photographer at Spezzato Fashion Event

March 26

Photographer at CD release party

April 4

Lolo Ascar Fashion shoot

May 4

Traveled to Easter Island, Chile

May 12

Traveled to Peru

May 16

Machu Picchu

May 25

Traveled to Iguazu Falls

May 27

Traveled to Pirenópolis

June 3

Flew home to Seattle

June 10

Moved to Juneau, Alaska