Hi, I'm Josh
Photographer. Cultural pollinator. Global citizen.

My passion for travel is rooted in curiosity. Specifically, I am interested in how people around the world construct the lives they lead. Inside our own world we concoct routines. We surround ourselves with others in similar situations. Our lives become "normal." But to those unfamiliar with our lives, they can be anything but normal. There are so many different ways to go through life. Different routines. Different responsibilities. Different worlds. I look to discover, experience and understand these different walks of life.

So why do you travel? And what have been your favorite experiences thus far?

The more I explore, the more I experience, the more I learn, the more I grow, the more I realize how little I actually know. And I think it is beautiful. It is the entire reason I do this -- to expand my understanding of what I don't know. And to show you some really cool shit along the way. There is a lot of cool shit out there you guys. Like, a lot.


My favorite experiences? Celebrating Chinese New Year in Hong Kong, going to the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro and the day I spent walking alone along the coast of Easter Island.


You know that feeling when you randomly find $20 in the pocket of an old pair of pants? Now imagine that happening every day. That is the feeling I’m chasing. That is how travel makes me feel.

What should we know about you?

I am a weird mix of childlike playfulness and old man wisdom. I was once voted "Best Macarena Dancer." I own more journals/notebooks than I care to admit. Homemade rice krispies treats are my healthy living kryptonite. Oh, and Haribo gummy bears. I am a total introvert but with lots of extroverted tendencies. 90's hip-hop is my jam - if we are out dancing and it comes on? Prepare to see some epic lip syncing. I've eaten bugs in China and didn't totally hate it. I do hate seafood though. And coffee (how am I a product of the Pacific Northwest?). I've been to 17 countries and 43 of the 50 states. If our paths cross and you see me out and about in the world don't hesitate to come say hi. Seriously. I love meeting new people and making connections.


There is no right or wrong way to travel. That is what is so great about it. You can do it however you want. Some days, in a new country, all I want to do is watch funny Youtube videos and eat pizza. And that's ok.End-of-Post-Logo-white
If Liam Neeson were to play you in the next Taken movie, what would he say his very specific set of skills were? (Basically, what could you provide us if we work with you?)

First, he'd get all dark and mysterious (you know how Liam is). Furrow his brow a bit. Drop his voice down low. Then he'd start talking up his creative skills (like a BOSS). Tell you how hard he would take your picture. Casually mention he'd design the shit out of something for you (a house even!) if needed. Threaten to teach your kids math (or anything really) and maybe use his writing talents to compose them an imaginative travel story or two. Oh and he could totally catch you a fish for dinner. 

I have a Masters degree in Architecture. I am an internationally published photographer. I've worked in construction. I've worked on a commercial fishing boat. I've taught and worked closely with children. I've photographed all manner of subject matter (landscape, fashion, portrait, event). I offer professional photo & video editing services. I write. I work well with people. I'm flexible. I'm a quick learner (and always learning more). Basically I am an ideal apprentice, capable of hard work and quick learning while offering an extensive amount of  energetic creativity.

The best way to do it, is to do it. Travel with purpose. Work with passion. We only get one life.