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What is The Traveling Apprentice?

The Traveling Apprentice is an attempt to understand this vast world of ours through experiencing the lives people build for themselves. I work or volunteer doing odd jobs around the world and document my experiences through photos, videos and words -- telling stories of the work, the people, the places and the cultures.


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What I do


I am drawn to out of the way places and lesser highlighted areas. If you want to feature a hidden gem or know of a job, group of people or attraction that could use some attention, let me know! I would be eager to explore and bring new eyes to it.

Photography & Videography

I provide everything from consultation, organizing, shooting and editing. Want to do a portrait shoot? A kick-ass promotional video? Need help editing photos? Let’s talk!


I offer freelance writing services – from content creation to copy editing and everything in between. Need a travel article written for your site? A best man speech? A fresh look for edits? Let’s jam.